"...Horace Farlowe's recent works represent the culmination of thirty-seven years of stone carving and painting research. The sculptures, in particular, are an evolution toward a complex goal of spontaneity. Success for this sculptor is defined by the hard appearing easy, by the illusion that the laborious is easy. A sculpture may be carved from many blocks of marble which are then combined, juxtaposed and assembled, suggesting in the result of almost spontaneous generation. The paintings, like many of the sculptures, are about passageways, archways, bridges and windows. The journey for the perceiver is a round trip from the real to the imaginary and illusory and back. There is an interplay of architectonic form and free space (a comfortable atmosphere)."

Dr. William Squires Professor of Art Criticism Lamar Dodd School of Art The University of Georgia


Obituary in the Raleigh News and Observer
– written by Allie Farlowe download PDF

Man of stone: Renowned sculptor Horace Farlowe lived a life in art
Athens Banner-Herald – Living Section (registration required)
– written by Julie Phillips

Obituary in the Atlanta Journal Constitution
– written by Derrick Henry



Gallery C - Raleigh, NC

Mason Fine Art - Atlanta, GA


Permanant Installations

Portal Rest; Circular Rest - Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

Complex Esportiu Municipal – Barcelona, Spain

Wilson Rose Garden, Wilson, N

Zoological Egg Rest - North Carolina Zoological Park, Asheboro, NC (PPT slide show for children)

Letter A Bench Sculpture - Asheboro, NC



Florida Outdoor Sculpture Competition – Polk Museum of Art (2006)

Greenville Museum of Art – Four Stone Sculptures (2005-2006)

Downtown Sculpture – Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce (2005-2006)

The 8th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition (2003-2005)

Small Monuments – Netherlands (2005)

Scottish Sculpture Open (1995)